Transformation with Sound helps you to move from one vibrational state to another.  It is especially powerful for life changes internally and externally. If you nee to move through anger, sadness, grief or just need a pick me up to get moving – Spiritual Counseling & Sound Bath.

When Sound is used with the Wisdom of the White Magic – Miracles can take place! Receive your Sound Bath via SKYPE or IN PERSON on the Sunshine Coast!

In person $80  ~~~ Skype Calls $70 ~~~ downloadable MP3′s $24.95

TRANSFORMATION WITH SOUND is a magical experience that will raise the vibration within your cells and help you to remember the pure radiance that you are.   It is as if it IMG_1053magically sweeps away all that no longer serves and you are left feeling lighter, brighter and more empowered

We begin with a Spiritual Counseling where address this life, past life, generational healing, thought field therapy, time line therapy, depending on what we need to address and what we need to work with vibrationally to wipe away all that no longer serves and then your sound bath of musical instruments intonation and chant.

It will help you to unleash more abundance, more health and vitality.  It can help you to unite your divine connection, it can help to unleash more of your unconditional love, infinite potential & those seeds of perfection that have been planted within your being.  You are a powerful, abundant, loving and wise being, you don’t need fixing you just need to remember how to access the magnificent being that you are.
                                                                                         READ MORE


The Full Whammy is an amazing concoction of sheer bliss; that leaves your feeling uplifted, lighter and having clearer intentions of how to navigate your life.. You are taken on a journey into the inner most part of you to assist you in changing your vibration at a cellular level so that this.

  • SPIRITUAL COUNSELING where we  his session you will receive a sound bath of musical instruments from around the world, chant, intonation, mantra, which will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and alive with life and light.


Are you brave enough to feel and transmute your Anger?

The session will hold the highest vibration and frequency to expand your ability to shatter Imagethe vibrational density of anger that is keeping you from who you really are and all that you desire so that you can remember that you are vibrationally complete already!

An Amazing Bath OF VIBRATION, COLOUR AND SOUND to vibrationally change the energy of anger in your life!  Just think in less than one hour you can change the vibrational set-point of anger within your being.

During this Divinely guided infinitely expansive energetic sound amplification you are helped to magically transmute all that no longer serves and a breaking up of anger shall occur help to balance not only your anger but your reaction to those who are angry around you.                                                                                                READ MORE 

RECLAIMING YOUR INFINITE POWER MP3 DOWNLOAD ~ $24.95 ae782ed381ec7e69f551f994dd2fd5d3_thumb_tumblr_ksae13Iguk1qzr7ibo1_500

During this transformation with sound MP3 recording all that is in the way of you integrating your infinite power is magically washed away and all that you allow to manifest shall.  Are you prepared to release all that is stopping you from being your true radiant self?                                                                                                               READ MORE

Melting Grief and Sadness MP3 instant access!Melting Grief & Sadness

‘Melting grief and sadness’ is an illuminatingly powerful recording that is infused with the energies necessary to help to unlock the vibrational density of grief and sadness, opening to a new way for growth in acceptance and love.

Whether your sadness stems from the separation or loss of a loved one, childhood sadness, trauma or abuse or an unfulfilled relationship this recording will help you to feel at peace, fulfilled and more in harmony with life.   READ MORE

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


‘Opening to Your Infinite Potential’ is 23 minute of exquisite bliss! Transformation with Sound can help to unlock your infinite potential.  It can help you to unite your divine connection to the source, which is within you and more of your infinite love, infinite potential & those seeds of perfection, the light that has been planted within your being.

“Divine Love’ is infused with the vibration of Love. I have brought through the purest essence that will help to catapult you into a new and loving way of being, to vibrate more Divinely which in turn will help you to feel lighter, brighter and happier.                     FREE DOWNLOAD NOW

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4 thoughts on “SOUND HEALING

  1. Suberia

    Thank you eternally Tracey for the wonderful sound healing session through Skype. The sound of your voice combined with your magical instruments, reverberating through my head phones, created such a healing chamber for me that I quickly fell into a state of relaxation & bliss. I can only imagine what it would be like in person.

    The sound healing penetrated to the core of my being as you intuitively knew which tones & frequencies would vibrate to my essence. Letting go of the need to know was a gentle yet powerful & effective reminder. I thought I would need to rest after that healing, instead I was filled to overflowing with energy….renewed, refreshed energy!!!

    Much love & light
    Suberia Clemmensen, Aalborg, Denmark

  2. Tracey Rhodes Post author

    Hi Suberia The instruments are magical aren’t they and yes the healing goes straight to the core of your being … it is simply magical!

    I am so pleased that you felt a renewed refreshed energy that was full to overflowing! it is so gentle, powerful and pure all at the same time. Have a magical day and I look forward to our next session. Keep Shining, Tracey xxx
    Tracey Rhodes recently posted..HomeMy Profile

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