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Welcome, Tracey is known as the healer’s healer and helps you to unravel what no longer serves.  She enables you to remember, live and be your magnificence, by amplifying the vibration of love and peace within.

You are the creator of your universe, you are powerful, loving and wise, it is time to let go of any illusion of lack and scarcity and wipe away what is blocking you from living the life of your dreams. 

Sometimes you just can’t seem to move through that old soul lesson that knocks you down, brings up your deepest fear, and shows up when you least expect it.

When we work together you remember how to refine your vibration at a cellular level and bring your spirit more fully into physical form.  We are vibrational beings and it is our rate of frequency, that determines the quality of life we are experiencing.  Our vibration creates and forms our reality.  

The universe is faithfully mirroring back the vibration that we are allowing to reside within.

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Change your vibration change your life!  

I channel questions and sound specific notes, which help you to vibrationally release what you are ready to be let go of.  Together we embark on a creative and empowering vibrational journey where you are guided to accept, balance and integrate what no longer serves; opening you to more love, joy and wisdom within.

We can work with sound, meditation, creative visualisation, liquid crystals, aromatherapy, activations, musical instruments and intuitive counseling sessions.

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It is as if you have taken away a big black cloud that has been on my shoulders all my life.  I feel lighter and clearer, I can see what I am to do and how I am to do it.  You have changed my life and set me on a new path, thank you, thank you , thank you.  It is our belief in the power of good, our commitment to ourselves that shields us. You showed me that Tracey Rhodes, and I will never sway from that. SIMON – GOLDEN BEACH AUSTRALIA

I have seen many healers and light workers on my journey, however I have never found anyone like you.  I will never go to anyone else ever again.  You see exactly what it is that I need to address and make it so easy for me to let go.  You are pure and your ability to cut to the core and clear away is like no other.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom. DONNA - SUNSHINE COAST 

 You are the most accurate and calming healer I have met.  You are a channel of truth – that has been really hard to find since I started this journey.  And a real inspiration for what it is to work in the light.  JODY – GLADSTONE CENTRAL QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA

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Every service and product is designed to vibrationally transform you, opening you to who you are.  Skype calls, MP3′s and in person services are encoded with the vibrational blessing necessary to more you into more.  This enables you to expand in consciousness, raise in vibration and have healthier happier life, business and relationships. 

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We detox your physical, emotional and mental bodies with easy exercises and vibrational transformation; opening you to the purest expression of lovejoy, peace, clarity and abundance that is available to you. 

Once you do this your relationships begin to change, your life begins to change and you radiate even more than you do now.

You are your healer … I am your guide and together you let your light shine!

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You can create the life of your dreams, live your soul’s purpose and fulfil your soul’s contract.  Are you ready?  Contact me now for a consultation in person or anywhere in the world via Skype.   CONTACT TRACEY with subject CONSULTATION.

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This website offers are tried and true vibrational techniques that Tracey and created and been taught over the past 18 years of her spiritual unfoldment and Ancient Mystery School training journey.  These techniques and activations have spiritually empowered me and hundreds of other dear souls along the way.

What is Cellular Memory

Each cell of your body is a powerhouse of creative energy, your cells creates, recreates and multiplies the information you give them via your vibration, thoughts and programing.  When you raise your vibration you change at a cellular level.  With clear concise understanding of the power of love and the power of sound any cell and cell membrane can change its state.

My sessions help your cells to gently let go of the density you are holding onto. Sound is the purest and quickest way to change your vibratory state ~ Transformation with Sound Healing

Easy Sound Exercise

A simple exercise to raise your vibration is to sound the “OM”  the universal sound of love. 

  • Take your attention into your heart … see it open as a flower opens to the sunlight
  • Breathe three times to center within your heart
  • Sound the OM gently from inside your heart, allowing the essence to gently flow through you
  • Chant this gently and reverently six times.
  • Perform this first thing in the morning and again before retiring at night as this will help you connect you to the sound of the Divine/God, the love in your heart and activate a pure vibration throughout your whole being.IMG_1921

Enjoy perusing my site, download my free gifts to the right and contact me to work one on one with you I would be honoured to serve you.

Keep Shining 

Love Tracey xxx

Amplify … Activate & Shine!

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