Amplify your Spirit … Activate your Cells … Shine as you were meant to Shine!

It is not a coincidence that you are visiting this site, we have set this meeting in motion in times of past, so that we may work together in raising our consciousness and the consciousness of all creation.  Well done and welcome!

We are vibrational beings and it our rate of frequency, website photoour vibration that determines the quality of life that we are experiencing that is forming our reality. The universe is faithfully mirroring back to us the vibration that we are allowing to reside within.  Tracey Rhodes is here to help you to raise your vibratory state at a Cellular Level to the highest vibration of all LOVE.

You are a perfect, whole and complete being of light right now!  Deep down you know your magnificence, your brilliance, you know your are Divine, but for some reason you may have chosen to see some aspect of your life as difficult

You may be caught up on the same soul lesson, with the same person or people, that you just can’t seem to get past or shake.  Does your spiritual vision need refining?  do you know you destined for me but something is preventing you from really creating the life you want? Or are you afraid of experiencing denser vibrations and giving away your power

Every service and product I offer are tried and true techniques that really work that help you to handle your life more easily.  They have spiritually empowered me during my life’s journey, along with hundreds of other dear souls and friends.  I help you to remember how to change your vibration and refine your vibration at a cellular level through vibrational transformation and spiritual amplification.

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You can create the life of your dreams, you can live your soul’s purpose and you can fulfill your soul’s contract.  Are you ready?  Contact me now for a consultation in person or anywhere in the world via Skype.  Either purchase a service or  CONTACT TRACEY with subject CONSULTATION.

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Everything on this website is designed to vibrationally transform you, this means every word, either spoken or written, recorded on video, in person or via Skype will encode you with the vibrational blessing intended at the time of the recording for you to expand in consciousness, and to raise in vibration so that you eventually remember your true vibrational essence … Divine Love!

I guide you to let go of the illusion of lack and scarcity and help you to stop blaming others for your life; opening you more fully to the light.  You  remember you are the creator of your universe, you are powerful, loving and wise, and together we wipe away what is blocking you from living the life of your dreams. 

We cleanse your physical, emotional and mental bodies; this opens you to the deepest peace, love light dancing with spirit copythe purest expression of love, joy and abundance that is available to you.  Once you do this your relationships begin to change and you will see love ripple and radiate out into all of your relationships?  You are your healer … I am your guide and together you let your light shine!

We are all one, there is no separation and all energies in the universe are within you.  To find peace of mind you need to allow all of the energies in the universe to flow through you without obstruction, without judgement.  When you judge an energy or a situation you hold onto that problem, you lock it into form.

When you sound your true note you send forth the sound of love throughout all creation. In doing this you will help assist in a planetary alignment as in days of past and the music of the spheres will again sound forth in harmony and the Golden Age will reign.

Acknowledgment of knowing that you are SPIRIT is believing that you are whole perfect and complete right now, allowing all that is, to simply flow through you.  As spiritual beings you’ve been told we are all one, so then why do you say ‘us and them’, ‘light and dark’, ‘good and bad’? 

If we are ‘all one’ then there is no us and them, only I AM and it is through accepting the ‘I AM’, that you will release the need to blame, judge, fear or hate for you will know everything is a mirror, a reflection of you.

What is Cellular Memory

Each cell of your body is a powerhouse of creative energy, your cells creates, recreates and multiplies the information you give them via your vibration, thoughts and programing.  When you raise your vibration you change at a cellular level.  My sessions help your cells to gently let go of the density you are holding onto. Sound is the purest and quickest way to change your vibratory state ~ Transformation with Sound Healing

Sound Exercise

A simple exercise to raise your vibration is to sound the “OM”  the universal sound of love. 

  • Take your attention into your heart … see it open as a flower opens to the sunlight
  • Breathe three times to center within your heart
  • Sound the OM gently from inside your heart, allowing the essence to gently flow through you
  • Chant this gently and reverently six times.
  • Perform this first thing in the morning and again before retiring at night as this will help you connect you to the sound of the Divine/God, the love in your heart and activate a pure vibration throughout your whole being.IMG_1921

Enjoy perusing my site, download my free gifts to the right and contact me to work one on one with you I would be honoured to serve you.

Keep Shining 

Love Tracey xxx

Amplify … Activate & Shine!

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